Welcome to the new moonweb.org webpages. After 2 years of part time development finally here it is.

The idea

Thanks for a visit to our page. The idea of moonweb.org is to build up IT knowledge and to learn from each other. Since computer education in school or college here in germany isn't very complex and never touches any interesting part to know in business life we build up our IT knowledge with self-studies.

The webpage

This page mostly describes my life, the products I developed and projects where I was part of, but you can also find some general information about the person I have to thank and who played a major role in my IT learning process, Matthias. We both together took our first steps in computer programming 1988 on an Atari STFM 1040, a great machine.

The person

As there is no advertising to my homepage you probably know who I am, so I drop the standard description of my person. If you want to know more about me, write me an email. I hate personal websites and sometimes I really thought about this page, if someone really wants to use it? I stopped thinking about it :) and remembered about the main reason why I started this webpage. I wanted to write down all the information about my projects so I could never forget anything. That's all.

The future

... stay tuned